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July 17-July 23, 2012
Canada announces Fall World Cup NATIONAL SHORT TRACK TEAM
Midland, Michigan will host AmCup 2 on Feb 2-3, 2013 - with this announcement, the 2012-2013 Schedule is complete!
Article: RUSTY SMITH'S Olympic medals were stolen!
And MORE theft: Speed Skates Stolen from US Olympic Team
Video: AWESOME video of short track stars doing Airborne Training - DON'T MISS THIS ONE!
Video: Complete clip of Apolo's guest-star appearance on Hawaii 5-0.
Video: How to Avoid Injury Through Pre-Habilitation, with JESSICA SMITH.
Video: How to Eliminate Lower Crossed Syndrome with MORGAN IZYKOWSKI
Article: Speedskater Derek Parra Still in Love with His Sport.
Article: Burtonsville Teen (BENJAMIN OH) wins big at National Speedskating Contest
Articles: See our Summer Olympics - London thread for several articles of interest as we approach the Opening Ceremonies!
Discussion: More comments on our From Uniforms to Funding 'Hot Topic' thread.
USS 'Skate Left' Blog Entry: Is It Like Riding A Bike?
THAILAND joins the short track world!

July 16, 2012
Milestone: On July 13, Boots & Blades had its 200,000th visitor!
Birthday this week: JR CELSKI (July 17).
Southern California Speedskating Association is seeking pledges for their annual Skate-A-Thon.
Discussion: Will Apolo skate again?
New HOT TOPICS discussion board at Boots & Blades!
Discussion: From Uniforms to Funding
USS has launched a new blog: SKATE LEFT - check it out!

July 9, 2012
Some skater threads at Boots & Blades have been moved to different categories - see the Index of Skaters to find your favorite skater!
Article: Whiz Kid - Champion Speedskater SARAH CHEN
Article: International Skating Union Now Officially a Dictatorship
John Carr's Short Track movie, ANTHEM, has finally been greenlit for production by actor Forest Whitaker!
British short track speedskater JON ELEY participates in the Olympic Torch Relay.
KATHERINE REUTTER is back on the ice for the first time post-surgery!
New items in the USS Online Store.
The USA will not bid on the 2022 Winter Olympics.
ISU posts list of Leading Skaters per distance from each member country.

July 2, 2012
Birthday this week: JOEY LINDSEY (July 4).
Video: OLIVIER JEAN wins the 500M Gold at World Championships, March 2012.
Did you know that NEW ZEALAND was once the World Champion in the Men's Relay?

June 25, 2012
Lots of new threads at Boots & Blades:
The 2012-2013 Short Track schedule is pretty solid now, so I've started threads for all of the competitions we'll be following - [CLICK HERE].
As our forum becomes more international, we've added 19 new countries to our The Rest of the Short Track World board.
Never too early to start planning, so we've added a thread for Winter Olympics - PyeongChang 2018 I've posted some ISU Provisional Allotments for the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 schedule.
ANTHONY LOBELLO posted a blog update from Italy.
JR CELSKI has a Facebook update.
US SPEEDSKATING is looking for an (unpaid) intern - interested?
Info page for the DESERT CLASSIC in Salt Lake City (August 18-19, 2012).
STEVEN BRADBURY VIDEO - an oldie, but a goodie!
APOLO OHNO is scheduled to host 'A Capital 4th' on July 4.

June 18, 2012
USS' FACEBOOK PAGE has posted pics of EMILY SCOTT baking for Ronald McDonald house in Atlanta.
Celebrating Dad! Here's an article about our most famous Short Track dad, YUKI OHNO.

June 11, 2012
New skater thread added at Boots & Blades: THOMAS INSUK HONG
Article about one of our 'Future Stars' - MICHAEL KOENIG: Family Finds Shared Love in Speedskating.

June 4, 2012
We've added POTOMAC SPEEDSKATING CLUB to our Club News board.
POTOMAC SPEEDSKATING CLUB won the $2500 grant (see our May 28 update) - thanks to everyone who helped!
OLYMPIC NEWS - The IOC has announced the finalists for the 2020 Summer Games.
Interesting conversation at Boots & Blades on our APOLO OHNO thread - misquote?
Win a speedskating lesson with ALLISON BAVER (Auction ends June 7).

May 28, 2012
Larry & I have been in Italy since May 11th, and my internet access hasn't been reliable, so I apologize for the lack of updates lately at the BOOTS & BLADES FORUM. I'll be home in a few days!
Potomac Speedskating Club has a chance to win a $2500 grant - [CLICK HERE] before Midnight (EST) May 31 to help them out!

May 21, 2012
APOLO OHNO Jib Jab video - funny!
Birthdays this week: APOLO OHNO (5/22); ANDREA DEHNKE (5/23).

May 14, 2012
ANTHONY LOBELLO (a dual citizen) is now training for Team Italia!
SIMON CHO has surgery to correct a breathing problem.
January 24, 2012
KATHERINE REUTTER has the first of two hip surgeries.
Upcoming Event: JR. US CHAMPIONSHIPS see our BB thread for info, links, chat, etc.
BRITTANY SALMON and THOMAS HONG compete at the YOUTH OLYMPIC GAMES in Innsbruck, Austria.
Skater GABI ROOZEE prepares for a summer cross-country bike ride for charity.
Birthdays this week: BRETT PERRY (26th); BARRY WINSLOW (27th); LEVI KIRKPATRICK (29th); EDDY ALVAREZ (30th)

August 15
Birthdays: Allison Baver; Anthony Lobello; Tamara Frederick
List of the newest Category 1 skaters, and those who were given invites to train with the National Team in Salt Lake City. [CLICK]
(Belated) summary of results for the 2010 World Championships, Sofia, Bulgaria. [CLICK]
Chat about this weekend's upcoming Desert Classic competition.
Elite Athlete Workouts: Apolo Anton Ohno
Skater threads moved from The Farm Team to The Junior Varsity (these are new Cat 1 skaters): Brett Perry; Josh Cummings; Sally Chea; Soo An Yoo

April 28
We made it into USS' Speedskating Magazine, The Racing Blade! Earlier this year, Adia Waldburg interviewed several of us for an article on Fan Support, and it's been published.
Click Here

April 27
JARED WOOD, 2011 Intermediate Men's National Champion, is featured in the following video:
Rockville Teen is a Speedskating Champion

April 26
Deaf skater MICHAEL HUBBS recently made the transition from wheels to ice. Find out more about him at BOOTS & BLADES.

March 9
The BOOTS & BLADES FORUM will be hosting a live chat during World Championships! We’ll be following the ISU data feed - but if we find other live coverage, we’ll post links. See who’s skating which events, time zone conversions, schedule, links to coverage, and a ‘study guide’ to how the event is scored. Fix your morning coffee and join us!

Sunday, Feb 20
Dresden Day 3:
GOLD for SIMON CHO in the 500M(2), plus the 500M Overall Title.
GOLD for the Ladies' Relay team: REUTTER; GEHRING; SCOTT; SMITH.
KATHERINE REUTTER earns her second World Cup Title - in the 1000M.
KATHERINE also wins the Overall World Cup Title for the ladies!

Saturday, Feb 19
Dresden Day 2:
SILVER for SIMON CHO in the 500M(1)
BRONZE for TRAVIS JAYNER in the 500M(1)
KATHERINE REUTTER makes history by clinching the 1500M Distance Title.
Ladies' Relay team advances to tomorrow's finals.

Friday, Feb 18
GREAT START for Team USA in Dresden!
Straight to the medal rounds for the following skaters:

Thursday, Feb 17
World Cup 6 in Dresden, Germany starts on Friday!
Dresden is 6 hours ahead of Eastern time; 9 hours ahead of Pacific.
So the action will start for us overnight TONIGHT.
Chat with us at the BOOTS & BLADES forum - insomniacs UNITE!

Tuesday, Feb 15
KATHERINE REUTTER could be the first USA woman to win an Overall World Cup Title - ever!
Winning Again, Champaign's Reutter Nears Historic Skate Titles

Sunday, Feb 13
Day 3, Moscow World Cup:
KATHERINE REUTTER strikes GOLD again - this time in the 1000M(2)!
SIMON CHO wins his first individual GOLD medal - in the 500M!
TRAVIS JAYNER wins BRONZE in the 1000M(2)!

Saturday, Feb 12
Day 2, Moscow World Cup:
KATHERINE REUTTER wins the GOLD medal, and TRAVIS JAYNER wins SILVER in the 1500M!

Friday, Feb 11
World Cup 5 in Moscow - Day 1:
Straight to the medal rounds for the following skaters:

Wednesday, Feb 9
Nice article about KEVIN GEMINDER!
Midland's Geminder, 31, is Oldest Racer in American Cup III
Monday, Feb 7
Short-track speed skater JESSICA SMITH joined Tom Leyden on the Sports Update set before jetting off to Russia for the 2011 World Cup
Jessica Smith, 2/6/11 - YouTube
Thursday, Feb 4
JONATHAN GARCIA got a mention on Gibson's website after he tried out some guitars at Gibson's VIP lounge during the Sundance Film Festival.
Gibson Rocks Sundance
Tuesday, Feb 2
ANTHONY LOBELLO sent a message to all of the people who've been supporting him through his fundraising website, - Where Did January Go?

Sunday, Jan 30
Rachel Skrocki has a new Facebook Athlete page - Check it out!

Friday, Jan 29
Eden Prairie Man Hoping for Fast Track to Hollywood
An article about John Carr and his (hopefully) upcoming movie about Short Track: "American Anthem"

Wednesday, Jan 26
Cautions Rise Following Moscow Bombing
Our Long Track team was flying into Moscow at about the same time as the bombing - and our ST team will be traveling there in a couple of weeks.

Monday, Jan 24
Your 2011 Jr. World Team - Congratulations!

Saturday, Jan 22
Article: Katie Ralston nearing position on US Junior National World Short Track squad
Katy Ralston and John-Henry Krueger are leading Jr. US Championships, with one more day of racing left to go!

Thursday, Jan 20
Jr. US Championships are coming up this weekend - check out the thread at Boots & Blades for news.

Tuesday, Jan 18
Two new Facebook Skater pages:

Sunday, Jan 16
There have been some recent happy developments for the American Anthem Short Track Movie (test filming has begun). The movie revolves around an autistic skater, and tonight I saw this commercial that struck a chord (when the video starts, click the title for larger version):

Friday, Jan 14
JEFF SIMON wins USOC December Athlete of the Month - Congrats, Jeff!

Wednesday, Jan 12

Just found this blog that has a page for Katherine Reutter: "Words To Sweat By"

Monday, Jan 10 is offering T-Shirts for a $30 donation to Anthony through their website. You can see a larger picture of the shirts at The Bookstore.

Saturday, Jan 8

Individual results from US Championships are up on the threads of EVERY skater who competed - see the skater threads at BOOTS & BLADES.

Thursday, Jan 6

Jerry Search got some great pics of Allison Baver skating in her first Long Track competition!

Sunday, Jan 2
Jessica Smith has a new blog entry.
New article about Allison Baver's switch to Long Track.
Video featuring Kimberly Derrick and Jae Su Chun.
Excellent new Travis Jayner article.
Petra Acker & Shani Davis win Long Track All-Around National Titles.
News about American Anthem, the Short Track Speedskating Movie.

Saturday, Jan 1
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Check out Katherine Reutter's new sweatshirt/T-shirt designs at The Bookstore
New posts today on the following threads at Boots & Blades:
Shani Davis; Petra Acker; Allison Baver; Charles (Ryan) Leveille; Travis Jayner; James Rodowsky; Cole Krueger; Jonathan Garcia; Robert Lawrence; Rachel Skrocki

Tuesday, Dec 21
ANTHONY LOBELLO's Tallahassee friends have put together a brand-new fundraising website to help him train for Sochi 2014 - check it out!

Monday, Dec 20
The Winter World Cup team (determined) at US Championships is:
Ladies: Katherine Reutter (US Champion); Lana Gehring; Jessica Smith; Emily Scott; Sarah Chen; Morgan Izykowski
Men: Jeff Simon (US Champion); Simon Cho; Travis Jayner; Anthony Lobello; Jonathan Garcia; Kyle Uyehara
Katherine, Lana, Jessica, Jeff, Simon and Travis will skate all individual distances at World Championships in March
Anthony and Emily will also be on the World Championships team; 1 woman and 1 man will be named later.

Wednesday, Oct 6
JESSICA SMITH posted a new blog entry.
Liz Looby, the skater who was badly injured at AmCup1, has posted info about her accident on her BLOG

Sunday, Oct 3
Here's your team!
MEN: Travis Jayner; Jeff Simon; Simon Cho; Anthony Lobello; Kyle Carr; Robert Lawrence (WC's 1 & 2); Kyle Uyehara (WC 3)
LADIES: Lana Gehring; Alyson Dudek; Katherine Reutter; Jessica Smith; Emily Scott; Morgan Izykowski (WC's 1 & 2); Sarah Chen (WC3)
The team won't be doing WC4 (too close to US Championships)
Thoughts, prayers and best wishes to Liz Looby and Katy Ralston for a full and speedy recovery!

Thursday, Sept 30
The new team for Fall World Cups will be selected this weekend in Milwaukee! Here are some links that you'll want to note:
ShorttrackHD's UStream - Tony will be streaming LIVE VIDEO from the Pettit!
ShorttrackHD's Twitter - Tony's Tweets from the event.
Boots & Blades - For daily updates, pics, results and fan chat all weekend.

Friday, Sept 3
Hey, all - I've been on vacation since Aug 19 (Alaska) - AWESOME state, BTW... but I'm back in the saddle, and gearing up for the next ST season! Lots of catching up to do, and some new twists on ST/skater news - PLEASE stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 21
We've added a POST-SEASON WRAP-UP page for the 2009-2010 season.

Thursday, July 15
The trip planning page is up for American Cup 1

Sunday, July 4
HAPPY JULY 4! Here's my first attempt at creating a slideshow on YouTube - enjoy!

Thursday, July 1

New thread open at BB: TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALLGAME
It's devoted to pics, etc., of our short track skaters' recent appearances at professional baseball games. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 3

Anthony Lobello has a new website! Check it out at ANTHONYLOBELLO>COM
Also, Anthony will be a guest driver at the Volkswagon SCCA race series in Tooele, Utah - June 5-6 - see more info on Anthony's website.

Wednesday, May 19
See Visions of Vancouver, a 2-hour special on Universal Sports: May 24th, 6pm Eastern, 9pm Pacific!

Friday, May 7

Thursday, May 6

MORGAN IZYKOWSKI and RACHEL SKROCKI have been invited to train with the National Team!
See the complete article from the BAY CITY TIMES
It's PETRA ACKER'S birthday!

Wednesday, May 5

ALLISON BAVER on Talk Philly, discussing her new weight loss initiative.
Happy Birthday to LIZ LOOBY!

Sunday, April 18

JULIAN WOOD is the newest FEATURED SKATER here at Rocker-U!

Tuesday, April 13
New skater on board with The Rocker Fund - JULIAN WOOD. Julian is a member of our most recent Jr. World Team - to partner with him in achieving his short track goals, see his donation info at THE ROCKER FUND
See more info about Julian on his thread at BOOTS & BLADES

Thursday, April 8

Now that the 'Banquet Circuit' is in full swing, there's a new thread at Boots & Blades to keep up with their comings and goings - see SKATER APPEARANCES HOTLINE for news on upcoming appearances by Apolo Ohno, Allison Baver, JR Celski, Katherine Reutter, Alyson Dudek, and the entire Olympic ST team!

Friday, March 19
We'll be meeting up again at BOOTS & BLADES to 'watch' the Short Track World Championships - racing starts at 6:30am Eastern, 3:30am Pacific. Tonight/Tomorrow: 500M (Ladies/Men) and Men's Relay Semifinals...

Thursday, March 18
Grab some coffee and join us at BOOTS & BLADES this weekend for live fan chat about World Championships - GO TEAM USA!

Wednesday, March 10
I had a wonderful time at Nationals in Wausau - congrats to KYLE CARR, JESSICA SMITH (AmCup Finals winners), JONATHAN GARCIA and MARY GRACE (AmCup Series winners) on your accomplishments!
A new POP QUIZ - tongue-in-cheek, but with my apologies, and my promise to get caught up very soon!
Whilst I was gone, there've been some birthdays! SOPHIA MILAN; JP KEPKA; RYAN LEVEILLE; DAN FIORENZA; and ALAINA FIORENZA

Thursday, March 4
LANDON HATFIELD is the newest FEATURED SKATER here at Rocker-U!
There will be live streaming video this weekend from Nationals/AmCup Final - CLICK HERE.

Wednesday, March 3
APOLO OHNO will be on the Tonight Show - TONIGHT!
Also, let's wish KATIE WELSH a happy birthday!

Monday, March 1

New skater on board with The Rocker Fund - LANDON HATFIELD. Landon is a promising young skater - to partner with him in achieving his short track goals, see his donation info at THE ROCKER FUND
See more info about Landon on his thread at BOOTS & BLADES

Wednesday, Feb 24
SHORT TRACK TONIGHT! Ladies' 1000M Heats (Baver, Derrick, Reutter); Men's 500M Heats (Cho, Malone, Ohno); Ladies' Relay Medals
See the skaters who registered for the AMCUP FINAL and NATIONALS
See the most recent entries at BOOTS AND BLADES
We set a new 24-hour visitor record at the Boots & Blades forum yesterday - by more than 30%! Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, Feb 23

RYAN BEDFORD sported a patriotic 'do' for his 10,000M race.

Friday, Feb 5

JUST DU DEK! Alyson's new T-Shirts are now available - see the design and ordering info at THE BOOKSTORE

Thursday, Feb 4
Birthday Today - JULIAN WOOD

Tuesday, Feb 2

Here's Jessica Smith and Nicole Miller's COLBERT APPEARANCE!
See the most recent BOOTS & BLADES posts:
WINTER OLYMPICS: Olympic Torch Relay; Official Team Announcement; Whistler Residents House USA Bobsledder Family
JR CELSKI: Celski Ready to Complete Comeback in Vancouver
RYAN BEDFORD: Video - Bedford Returns to Midland
LEZLEIGH JAWORSKI: Lezleigh Jaworski retires
THE KIWIS: Blake Skjellerup video
APOLO OHNO: Apolo Ohno Soul Patches Invade Sea-Tac Airport
LANA GEHRING: Gehring Makes Speedskating Team Despite Illness

Monday, Feb 1

4-part video series with JR CELSKI: 1) The Beginning; 2) Where in the World is JR Celski; 3) The Mom; 4) The Crash
(Scroll down to reply #108 to see links to the videos) - BONUS: Reply #109 has a link to a cool Podcast with JR!

Sunday, Jan 31

JESSICA SMITH and USS Sports Psychologist NICOLE MILLER on The Colbert Report tomorrow night - 11:30pm on Comedy Central!
See the most recent BOOTS & BLADES posts:
RACHEL SCROCKI: A significant mention in Ryan Bedford's homecoming article
RYAN BEDFORD: Hometown Rally articles/pics
APOLO OHNO: Apolo Ohno Plugs Washington Spuds
KATHERINE REUTTER: How well do you know Canada? Take Katherine's 'Pop Quiz!
ALLISON BAVER: Blades of Metal, Will of Iron - Allison's Remarkable Recovery
THE CHINESE TEAM: China Vows to end South Koreans' ST Dominance

Wednesday, Jan 27

Jordan Malone video - his journey from inline skater to Olympian: 'MY STORY'
Happy Birthday to BARRY WINSLOW!

Tuesday, Jan 26

Sunday, Jan 24

Some great pics by photographer Brad Nau for an upcoming feature about Allison Baver
New Featured Skater: OLYMPIAN SIMON CHO

Saturday, Jan 23
Jordan Malone's Pit Crew is making a “Special Edition 2010 Pit Crew” LONG SLEEVE TSHIRT & HOODIE FOR ONLY THOSE THAT WILL BE ATTENDING THE OLYMPICS. The graphic will be the same front & back but they will have an addit'l graphic on the sleeve, and they will be royal blue instead of black. THE ORDERS HAVE TO BE PLACED ON MONDAY, so if you're interested, contact me at and I'll forward the info!
See the original version of the shirt at The Bookstore.

Thursday, Jan 21
New content on the following BOOTS & BLADES threads: Apolo Ohno; The Kiwi's (New Zealand); Jordan Malone; JR Celski; The Colbert Report; Canadian ST Chat; The Koreans; Katherine Reutter

Monday, Jan 18
JR Celski's 'Just Rocks' shirts are now on sale! See THE BOOKSTORE for details!

Saturday, Jan 16
Introducing the newest member of the 'Rocker Family of Products': Check out The Ice & Times of Short Track Speedskating for even more ST news and photos!
It's KELSEY SCHIEL'S birthday!
Support The Rocker Fund by wearing our FREE bracelets! See THE BOOKSTORE for pic and ordering info.

Tuesday, Jan 12
AMAZING AWAITS! - the Vancouver Olympics begin one month from tonight - visit Rocker-U's MOVIE NIGHT page for 'Amazing Awaits' and several other great Olympic Video promos!

Sunday, Jan 10
Joey Lindsey's going to Japan! Thank you to everyone who has contributed, 'cause those bills will be rollin' in for awhile yet...
Jr. World Championships: The competition is over, but see Commentary/Recaps and a Results Summary at Boots & Blades.

Thursday, Jan 7
World Jr. Championships start TONIGHT - about 11:45pm Eastern. See the ISU SPORTRESULT website - click 'LIVE' for lap-by-lap results!
JOIN TEAM 'BERLY' - See Kimberly Derrick's T-Shirts, available at THE BOOKSTORE

Friday, Jan 1
14 new skaters added to The Farm Team at Boots & Blades - Dehnke; Ah Kun; Hopp; Mejia-Clavijo; Perry; Ferguson; Salmon; Mullarkey; C Davis; No; Yutangco; Ziegelmayer; Santos; Astalos; D Gertner
Help send Joey Lindsey to Japan! For more info, see THE ROCKER FUND or BOOTS & BLADES

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